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Chapeau Capeline Feutre Personnalisé

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With its round cap and long brim, the Capeline ensures a feminine, free and elegant silhouette. All our hats are molded and sewn in Pari
Between two sizes, prefer one size larger
With its round cap and its long edges, the Capeline ensures a feminine, free and elegant silhouette

Material : Felt
Popular for winter, our felts are made in Portugal before being molded on our presses in Paris.
Objects of a mastery of know-how linked to an innovative manufacturing process, our felts evolve in their technicality and meet a requirement of high-end aesthetics, waterproofing and durability.

To keep its shape, hang it on a coat hook or on a nice hat rack.
Avoid pinching it too hard when putting it on your head.
In case of stain, apply some "terre de sommières", let it act and rub it.
Regularly wipe the inner ribbon with a cotton ball soaked in scarlet water.
We offer at the workshop a service of reshaping your hat (on estimate)

For metropolitan France

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