Exceptional materials


As hatters, it is essential for us to certify to our customers a total transparency approach on the manufacturing of our products. Our code of conduct is clear: we produce and value local know-how to the maximum.

Our felts

Popular for winter, our felts are manufactured in Portugal before being molded on our presses in the Paris region. The result of a mastery of know-how linked to an innovative manufacturing process, our felts evolve in their technicality and meet the demands of high-end aesthetics, waterproofing and durability.

Our straws

Our straws come from Ecuador, the world cradle of Panama. Using the traditional Cuenca method, famous for its rosette weave, our straws are hand-woven by craftsmen. This know-how has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2012. To preserve an authentic craft that is becoming increasingly rare, Cerise sur le Chapeau is committed to the preservation of Panama, securing the future of this unique global heritage.

Our grosgrain

We've always been associated with the finest craftsmen, including Julien Faure, an exceptional French ribbon-maker since 1864. An unrivalled specialist in complex weaving techniques on century-old shuttle looms, the family business is a French benchmark in grosgrain manufacturing, supplying the most prestigious fashion houses.