Our Hats - Timeless Felt Hats

    Our collection "Les Intemporels" presents our Evidences, unisex and timeless products: inherent values of the House. Timelessness qualifies objects which, by nature, are foreign to time, whose value remains unchanging. "Our timelessness" 6 colour combinations in our 6 shapes.
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      Lacerise-on-the-hat Gallantry / 60 Hat The Trendy
      Lacerise-on-the-hat Le Trendy hat
      Le Trendy Felt Hat
      Starting at $270.00
      Lacerise sur-le-chapeau Galanterie / 54 Chapeau Le Classic
      Lacerise-on-the-hat Hat The Classic
      Classic Felt Hat
      Starting at $270.00
      Lacerise-on-the-hat Gallantry / 55 L'Elegant Hat
      Lacerise-on-the-hat L'Elegant hat
      Elegant Felt Hat
      Lacerise sur-le-chapeau Galanterie / 56 L'Amant hat
      Lacerise-on-the-hat L'Amant hat
      Felt Lover Hat
      Lacerise-sur-le-chapeau Galanterie / 56 Chapeau La Cloche
      Lacerise-on-the-hat Hat La Cloche
      Hat Felt Bell
      Lacerise-on-the-hat Galanterie / 56 Capeline hat
      Lacerise-on-the-hat Hat The Capeline
      Felt Hat Capeline