La Cerise sur le Chapeau .... What kind of name is that?

La Cerise sur le Chapeau .... What kind of name is that?

My parents had the funny idea of calling me Cerise... they had read a rather original book by René Fallet, written in 1969 "Comment fais-tu l'amour Cerise"!

They are crazy, but I am lucky! I love being called Cerise, from kindergarten until now it's a name that brings sunshine even when the mood is dark!

And then one day, while I was looking for a name for my hat brand, I was digging for adjectives, sequences of letters that make meaningless words... The friends with whom I was having dinner on the small table in my kitchen said in heart: "but finally you should call it "La Cerise sur le Chapeau"!

It was a no-brainer... I was 25 years old, it started that way and the name stuck!


The history of La Cerise sur le Chapeau was not all mapped out! I had nothing to do with fashion, nor hats, nor sewing!

I loved hats, especially my grandfather's.

In my eyes, he was a man of extraordinary elegance, English-style chic; coquettish but not too much. He loved timeless chic, beautiful houses with traditional know-how!

He came to pick me up one day at the bottom of my office, during lunch, to take me to a beautiful Parisian house and offer me a real man's felt. The quality was remarkable but the color scheme was classic and rather limited.

He left shortly after giving me this beautiful gift and as a matter of course I embarked on this crazy adventure: Revisiting men's hats with color!