Our hats - Capeline

    The Capeline is a woman's hat with a very romantic and feminine allure.
    Made from felt or hand-woven Ecuadorian straw, this wide-brimmed hat will protect you from the sun in summer and from bad weather in winter.
    Discover our cape collections on our online store or in our Paris store to choose your cape from a wide range of colors.
    You can personalize your hat by choosing the color of your hat, grosgrain and loop, either on our app or in our boutique. Our milliners will make your fashion accessory directly from our Parisian hat shop.
    Its round cap and wide edges will give your silhouette an elegant, refined Brigitte Bardot style.
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      Lacerise-on-the-hat Madeira / 56 Capeline hat
      Lacerise-on-the-hat Hat The Capeline
      Panama Hat La Capeline
      Lacerise-on-the-hat Galanterie / 56 Capeline hat
      Lacerise-on-the-hat Hat The Capeline
      Felt Hat Capeline