Our hats - Canotier

    La Cerise sur le Chapeau reinvents the boater with its L'Amant shape.
    A flat-brimmed hat, the canotier has left its mark on eras and artists such as the painter Cézanne in his work "Paysan au canotier", or Gabrielle Chanel, often seen in the fashion designer's photos.
    Originally a masculine hat worn by the gondoliers of Venice, it is now worn by women.
    In straw for summer, it's an excellent anti-UV sun hat. Customize it on our online store or in our Paris store, and add a splash of color to your head!
    In winter, choose felt to protect you from the cold, rain and snow.
    When made of felt, the canotier takes on the allure of a Camargue hat and lends a great deal of character to the wearer.
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      Lacerise-on-the-hat Madeira / 56 Lover Hat
      Lacerise-on-the-hat L'Amant hat
      L'Amant hat
      Lacerise sur-le-chapeau Galanterie / 56 L'Amant hat
      Lacerise-on-the-hat L'Amant hat
      Felt Lover Hat